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 Post subject: need help freeing up 160mb of space
PostPosted: 30. Apr 2010, 15:16 
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I also asked for help on the Aqua forum. I am restating the problem here.

I cannot run Aqua on one of two Dotsch_UX 4gb flash systems. It says
    Fri 30 Apr 2010 08:30:53 AM CDT AQUA@home Message from server: No work sent
    Fri 30 Apr 2010 08:30:53 AM CDT AQUA@home Message from server: D-Wave's Fokker-Planck Simulation : Multi-Threaded needs 167.26MB more disk space. You currently have 786.42 MB available and it needs 953.67 MB.

That is true, I have only 786mb on this system. It was cloned from another flash drive, I changed the name and IP address. However, I am certain I allowed a few updates to get thru so I assume that is the problem. The other system I did not allow any updates at all.

The other, working Dotsch_UX system has right at 1gb of space available for boinc, so Aqua FP installed and is running. However, Aqua takes only 1.78MB of space up, not anywhere close to 1GB as shown below.


The above system is running aqua fp just fine. Below is the non working Dotsch_UX disk space allocation. There are 3 projects total. Seems too me that aqua should have installed. The other flash system has 7 of 8 boinc projects working (the simap project had no data)


Both systems have identical motherboards, cpus, memory, and run 6.10.50 and the preferences are identical.

QUESTION: Where can I start removing un-needed stuff. Logs are easy to get rid of, but not 168mb of them.

Thanks for looking


This was invaluable

Did everything except listed in that thread* above. I also went and deleted any nvidia programs since this system is a tyan 2882 server with no pcie and ATI video only.

*The key was that orphaned libaray remover but I had to exclude ia32 since it is used by 32bit boinc apps which I might want to run.

Admin of Aqua set the requirements to 100mb of disk space. It has been left unassigned which defaulted to 1gb

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