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 Post subject: Propagate Config files w/
PostPosted: 9. May 2009, 21:00 
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As an example...

Let's say you've got 6 clients up and running and you wanna create a logrotate config called boinc under /etc/logrotated.d/ to keep 3 of them and compresses the archived ones. Instead of creating 6 config files (or creating one and doing 6~7 copies) in the nfs directory for each client (/diskless/clientname/etc/logrotate.d/boinc) you can create a single one in (were .xxx is .x64 or .i386) and then use this script copy it out to each client.

This will allow all future added clients and all current clients to get the same config file.

This script reads the add_diskless_client log file and extracts the hostname and architecture type to determine where to propagate from/to.

It requires you add one variable (DISKLESS_MSTR, included in the tar) to /etc/opt/dotsch_ux/diskless.conf

I tested it with several files including etc/logrotate.conf, etc/logrotate.d/boinc, home/boinc/BOINC/cc_config.xml and home/boinc/BOINC/gui_rpc_auth.cfg

Download HERE

Feedback appreciated.

PS: If you do NOT want to add the new variable into diskless.conf and you have a standard Dotsch_UX v1.1 installation you can change all references in the script of "DISKLESS_MSTR" to be "DISKLESS_ROOT". This variable is only there to allow a non-standard location of master.x64 and master.i386 directories. By default DISKLESS_MSTR is set to $DISKLESS_ROOT.

- da shu @ the BOINC farm, SkipsJunk, Guru Mountain
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