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 Post subject: You need to get distributing this
PostPosted: 26. Mar 2012, 22:54 

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Just this weekend I was searching for a package much like this. I had a pair of old machines I wanted to put to use running BOINC to cure cancer and predict the next ice age. I'm certain the ancient Dell would have much more CPU if it was running a stripped down Linux distro instead of an old Windows XP bloat. The dual core AMD ended up getting OpenSuSE loaded onto it because I couldn't get Puppy to run BOINC. (Seems to be a common problem.)

If you could get to distribute this it would be much more readily available. Many users have Internet access with limits. Satellite users like those of Hughesnet typically have 120Meg per day. As a wireless broadband user I have a 5Gig/month limit before I have to pay overages. I routinely order disks from On-disk even though I could download for free simply because 5 Gig for a connection shared by multiple machines goes fast when updates have to be applied, or you churn a lot of BOINC packets.

What distro are you currently basis this on? I was impressed with the speed and small size of Puppy Linux recently, just not the lack of a PET for BOINC.

 Post subject: Re: You need to get distributing this
PostPosted: 1. Apr 2012, 17:18 

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Todd from Webpath Technologies ( here.

OK, we have a few things we can do here. First I can add Dotsch/UX to the catalog, assuming it's under the GPL or other public license.

You can also install BOINC 6.10.58 to Unite! 2012 using the standard package manager. Unite! is able to get by on 256MB of RAM just like puppy, but looks more like Windows 7.

I'm also working on an OS for the Raspberry Pi. Even though the hardware isn't due here until Aug. I've begun upgrading the XtraOrdinary OS we created for the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) XO laptop using a few ideas kicking around here to see if I can get it down to something that performs well enough with just 128MB. (The Raspberry Pi uses shared video memory of at least 32MB, so you don't actually have 256MB usable RAM). It wouldn't be a big deal to port the new XO layout to a live installable USB/CD image.

Just let me know your thoughts and we'll figure out where to go from here.

Thank you,

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