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Author: stegil [ 3. Oct 2011, 17:05 ]
Post subject: power consumption

Hello Dotsch Group,

It's been awhile since I've run my diskless cluster. Actually the summer months. Reason being , is the large heat that the cluster gives off.
Now that the autumn has come and the outside temperatures have dropped, I have turned on the cluster.
I make use of the cluster heat dissipation so as i don't have turn on my heating elements . ;)
Also reorganized/added a few nodes. I have room for 1 more on this network switch & KVM switch.
All these nodes are retired old pc's ( mostly small form factor ), only the server was bought new for this cluster.

I also got a hold of a power meter. So here are a few stats:

Boot server runs 2 x 120gb raid1 for diskless nodes, & 2 x 120gb raid1 for system OS.
All other nodes are diskless.
Power consumption watts = 650 -> 675
Power amps = 6.9 -> 7.1
Voltage = 116.9 -> 117.5
Line HZ = 59.9

I have attached a couple of screenshots from Ganglia.



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